What does Book Conversion Service involves?

Book Conversion Service involves the process of converting printed books into e-books. This means converting data from physical sources into electronic files. Heaps of documents and books stored takes large space and to maintain them is also difficult. In order to preserve them for longer duration and distribute easily without adding cost on ink and paper convert hard copy of book to electronic format.

What does Book Conversion Service involves?

We are well prepared with dealing in conversion with various formats like Framemaker, Quark, and MS Word etc. Trained and talented people at our end provide the following services

  • E-zine conversion services
  • E-brochure services
  • E-research paper conversation services
  • E-Journal conversion services
  • E-publishing conversion services

As you know our services let us share our conversion methodology with you

Process followed by us in digitizing books from hard copy sources to electronic includes following phases

  • Scanning of raw data no matter which format the data is available to us
  • We take into consideration OCR files also
  • Styling and proofing of documents
  • Editing and completion after conversion process

We deliver final output in PDF, HTML and XML format

Our first step of process is to understand your business requirements and expectations; we add our suggestions that are unique and dedicated towards your process only. Services of book conversion offered by us are perfect mixture of cultured methodology and an experienced team behind it.

Professionals at our place are well trained and are working with various formatting styles to match up with clients expectations.

We take pride in saying that we have delivered satisfactory solution in book conversion services to authors and they have successfully uploaded on kindle, iBook and many more e book destinations.

Let’s start work today.